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3 Books That Have Changed My Life

I adore books, it’s part of the job description of a librarian, but every once in a while I come across a book that jumps out at me and stays with me forever. The following are 3 books that have changed my life, these are books that have made an impact on me and I constantly turn to (and probably own more than one copy of).

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green


There isn’t much to say about this book except holy roller coaster of emotions! This book makes you feel every feeling known to mankind. I have read this book numerous times and alway manage to finish it in one day, during this day I will be laughing and crying (I look crazy, but oh well it is worth it). Now it might sound weird to enjoy an emotional roller coaster but sometimes you need it. I turn to this book when I’m in a funk and need to put life into perspective, it’s the perfect book to get out all of your crazy emotions.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll


I’m a die hard Alice in Wonderland fan, not just the books but also movies, TV shows, mini-series and whatever else I can get my hands on (like coffee mugs, pictures, shirts, etc). This book has changed my life as an adult and a child, as a child it gave me an escape into a bizarre world that I hoped really existed and as an adult it helps remind me of what it is like to be a child. I love reading this book or watching one of the many movies to bring back the magic of being a child (and sometimes an adult) in a world that doesn’t always make sense.

*Side note: I may or may not have an Alice tattoo!

Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom


The first time I read this book was in high school and it really touched me. I felt that the book spoke to me and to this day still does. I read this book whenever I’m feeling down or lost in life, it really helps me put things into perspective and get my priorities straightened out. Reading this book is an amazing way to learn about yourself and life in general.

If you have never read one of these books I highly recommend you run to your local library and get a copy asap.

Let me know what books have changed your life!

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Storytime: Letter H

Whose Hat? by Margaret Miller

Building a House by Byron Barton

Clip-Clop! by Nicola Smee

ABC Magnets


I like to start and end the Alphabet program by singing our ABCs. To start I put out all of the letter magnets and have the children tell me what letter is missing, that becomes our letter of the day. After we go through the letter and some words that start with it I invite each child up to take two letters off the board and put it into my bag. At first all the children like to swarm up and will grab as many letters as they possibly can, but after a few weeks they begin to understand that they must wait until they hear their name called. To help them stick with two letters only I count out loud (this program maxes out at 12 children so I know I will have enough letters). The children get very excited when it is their turn, plus this helps them learn patience and how to take turns!

Building a House

I’m going to build a little house (form arch over head)

With windows big and bright (circle around eyes)

With chimney tall and curling smoke drifting out of sight (wiggle arm up)

In winter when the snowflakes fall (flutter hands down)

Or when I hear a storm (cup hand to ear)

I’ll go inside my little house (cover head with arms)

And I’ll be safe and warm (hug self)

Source: SurLaLune

Silly Hat (Tune: This Old Man)

On my head, I wear my hat

It is such a silly hat

That my head will wiggle waggle to and fro

Where else can my silly hat go?

(repeat with different body parts)

Source: SurLaLune

Ponies in a Meadow

10 little ponies in a meadow green (hold up 10 fingers)

Friskiest ponies I’ve ever seen (wiggle fingers)

They go for a gallop, they go for a trot (move hands side to side)

They come to a halt in the big feed lot (hold up 10 fingers)

10 little ponies fat and well fed

Curl up together in a soft straw bed (interlace fingers and lay hands in lap)

Source: King County Library System


The children all grab on and we make some waves (fast, slow, big, small) then I ask the parents to hold on to the parachute. The adults lower the parachute and then pop it into the air, the children then go under (lots of happy squeals) and we gently shake the parachute over their heads. We do this 3 or 4 times, there is always one child that doesn’t want to come out but the parents are pretty good about it. Next I have the children hold on again and place foam letters on the parachute. We shake the parachute and watch the letters fly (again lots of happy squeals)!



I always tell the parents to please do not do the craft for their child, feel free to help them use the glue stick but if they want to put an eye where the foot should be well then that’s just artistic license!

H is for Horse!


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