Storytime: Colors 2

I was low on time to prepare my 3-5 year old story time so I went ahead and reused a theme, I did modify it because the crew for this week is slightly older than the last group I used it with. I like to try to use a mix of books that the kids know (and hopefully love) and ones they most likely don’t know but this week I just went with books that I know are always a crowd pleaser.  The second I held up the books I received a chorus of “I own that book” “I love that book” “My teacher has that book,” the children were able to tell each story with me which was a really neat experience. So here are even more (and some of the same) ideas for a colorful story time!


Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr.









I Have a Crayon

I gave each child a crayon cut out before we began the rhyme, when their color was called they came and stuck it on the flannel board. I have had most of these children for at least a year and they all know Miss Michele’s rule –  I don’t take special requests, I just pass out the colors and you get what you get. This rule has worked surprisingly well, I have only had 1 child in 3 years cause a stir over the color they received and in the end another child was kind enough to switch!


I have a crayon, I’ll give it to you.

Here is my crayon, my crayon of blue.

I have a crayon, a lovely little fellow.

Here is my crayon, my crayon of yellow.

I have a crayon, it’s here on my head.

Here is my crayon, my crayon of red.

I have a crayon, I found it in town.

Here is my crayon, my crayon of brown.

I have a crayon, we can draw a circle.

Here is my crayon, my crayon of purple.

I have a crayon, what do you see?

Here is my crayon, an orange one for me.

I have a crayon right in my sack.

Here is my crayon, my crayon of black.

I have a crayon, I think it’s just right.

Here is my crayon, my crayon of white.

I have a crayon, the best ever seen.

Here is my crayon, my crayon of green.

Color Game by Jim Gill

Jim Gill is usually a big hit with this group so I thought I’d give this song a try. Basically the song calls out colors and tells the kids to find the color and put it on a different body part, since I didn’t want the children to physically take an object I told them to look around the room and at each others clothing and if they see the color to put their bean bag on the specific body part. 25% of the kids looked frantically around the room for colors and placed the bean bag in the appropriate place, 25% just put the bean bag wherever I put mine and 50% just stared at me blankly. While I love Jim Gill I think I might skip this song next time or I might modify it so I have enough colors for everyone and can have them pick up the color like the song states.

Old Shoes, New Shoes

The first time I used this chant I wasn’t sure how it would go over but the kids loved it! I go first to give them an idea of what to say and then each child describes their own shoes. Some will say the color, others will say they are old or new and then some will say things like “light up shoes” or “sparkly shoes.” For my shy ones I say their name, wait a few beats to see if they will describe them and then will throw out my own description.

Old shoes, new shoes

(child’s name) is wearing (description) shoes

1, 2, 3, 4

Now (child)’s stomping on the floor

Rainbow Stew (Tune: Jimmy Crack Corn)

I have a slight story time issue, I see what the tune should be but sometimes I just can’t get it right in my head. This is supposed to go to Jimmy Crack Corn but I just couldn’t do it, I turned it into a chant. I must say that this was pure story time magic…literally! I had numerous children oooh and ahhh and declare it was magic. One child was extremely baffled (I blew this poor child’s mind), I am officially a story time magician! Basically I had a pot (or in my case a left over Halloween basket) with the felt rainbow pieces already inside, next I put up the fruits and vegetables (you can use any that are the right color, I just had these from other flannel boards) and we went over what they were and their colors. After the color red they quickly gasped the concept and were able to chant along with me. I will definitely be using this again!!

rainbow rainbow 2

Take an apple, put it in the pot

Stir it, stir it, stir it at lot (mixing motion)

Take it out now.

What will it be?

The prettiest red you ever did see!

(repeat with other food and colors until you have your rainbow!)

Source: Storytime ABCs

Rainbow Colors

I used the rainbow we made for this next chant.

Rainbow purple,

Rainbow blue,

Rainbow green,

and yellow too.

Rainbow orange,

Rainbow red,

Rainbow smiling overhead (arms above head)

Come and count the colors with me.

How many colors do you see?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!


Since I was under a time crunch I didn’t want anything that was too complicated for me to prepare, I didn’t even have time to make a sample. I just laid out all the materials (the rainbow, tissue paper and cotton balls) and told the kids to go to town. I was so surprised how different each one came out, some kids crinkled the tissue paper, some put them down haphazardly and others were perfectionists about the rainbow being the right colors. It was a great moment for me when some of the kids called me over all excited because they had the light bulb realization that overlapping some of the colors created a new color, just like in “Mouse Paint!” I love sneaking in educational aspects and them not even knowing it muahahahah *evil laugh*

rainbow craftBelle was kind enough to let me take a picture of her rainbow!


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