20 Something Book Club – The Husband’s Secret

I don’t know about you ladies but in my group of friends it seems like the guys are always off having “guys nights.” The boys are at a sporting event or away on a golf trip or just having a guys night out. Us ladies very rarely have girls night out and recently we decided to change that. That was how the 20 Something Book Club came to be about. The girls wanted a night without boys or babies and wanted to focus on books and booze. The guys were gung ho about this until they heard the title of our first book “The Husband’s Secret,” then they started questioning if this book club was a good idea. Once they heard it would be held on football Monday they were once again all for it!


The Book

The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty


Cecilia seems to have a wonderful life, a devoted husband (John-Paul) and great children, until one day she comes across a letter from her husband that is to be open upon his death. Her husband’s letter describes his deepest darkest secret, a secret that affects herself, her husband and the community she lives in.

Tess works alongside her cousin (Felicity) and husband (Will) at a company they founded together. Tess is horrified to find out that while they have not slept together, Felicity and Will are in love. Tess now must decide how to proceed with this huge betrayal.

Rachel, a loving grandmother, cannot seem to live in the present. Rachel is unable to move past the tragedy of her daughter’s murder. Janie was murdered as a teenager and Rachel constantly thinks about what her life would have been like now and of the murderer who got away.

This is a story about secrets, betrayal and guilt.

What We Thought:

We all agreed that it had a slow start and took us about 50 pages before we got into it, once we got about half way we were all trying to make time to read. Initially it is difficult to keep straight who is who since the book is written from different point of views but once you become invested in each character it is easy to remember. The author beautifully weaved the narratives and lives of each character, their connections may not be obvious right from the start but she nicely and intricately connects each person. It was a very interesting and captivating story that led to a great discussion about guilt, secrets and betrayal (we all felt firmly about girl code). Also, the epilogue rocked (how often do you hear that?!). We would definitely recommend this story to others.

Book Discussion:

Would we tell our significant others a huge secret like John-Paul’s?

Would we feel bad about sleeping with the hunky PE teacher? (consensus: hell no)

Is an emotional affair worse than a physical affair?

How does guilt affect each character differently?

Can you ever fully know a person? (another resounding no)

What in the world was up with the Berlin wall references? (answer: too much symbolism)

The Food

Chicken Broccoli Casserole 

What We Thought:

Delicious!! One of the husbands actually cooked the dinner for us. A meal we didn’t have to cook or clean up?!? You’re damn right we enjoyed it!

The Wine

Relax – Riesling

What We Thought:

Relax is one of my favorite wines, I love sweet wines. 3 out of 5 of us love the sweet beverage, the other 2 could take or leave it.


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