Wreck the Library : Tech Take Apart Party

Children by nature are curious little people; they love exploring, asking questions and figuring things out. What better way for kids to get acquainted with technology than by letting them take it apart?! (Plus, who doesn’t love being a little destructive every now and then.) That’s why we hosted a “Wreck the Library : Tech Take Apart Party.”


Step 1: Gather Electronics
Round up some old electronics for kids to take apart. If you’re like most libraries than I’m sure you have a whole closet full of old electronics sitting around.

What We Gathered:
– Keyboards
– Modems
– VCRs
– Desk phones
– Electronic toys

For safety purposes we did not sure the following:
– TVs
– Monitors
– Scanners
– Anything with glass

Step 2: Gather Tools
The majority of the tools used where borrowed from staff members, the only thing we bought were safety glasses but those weren’t completely necessary.

– Hammers (used with adult guidance)
– Screwdrivers
– Gloves
– Safety Glasses
– Pliers


Tips to Remember:

  • If you’re questioning the safety of something, you should probably not include it
  • Have a lot of adults (parents and staff) on hand, we requested that all children under the age of 8 had a parent accompany them
  • If something looks difficult to pry open, do it yourself

Valuable Resource:
Nebraska Library Commission


This would be a great program to host during Teen Tech Week, you could even ask the kids to try and put everything back together after they take it apart!


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