Storytime: Bathtime

Squeaky Clean by Simon Puttock


To make this book more interactive and fun I used a pig puppet. I had all of the children say hello to the puppet and went around allowing children to hug the puppet (yes it was on my hand) or I would give the child a kiss on the cheek from it. They loved it! When the mother adds bubbles to the bath I blew some bubbles and when she added 3 rubber duckies I pulled those out of my bag.

Bubbles, Bubbles (Tune: Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear)
Bubbles, bubbles all around (roll arms)
Bubbles, bubbles on the ground (lower arms to floor)
Bubbles, bubbles on my nose (touch nose)
Bubbles, bubbles on my toes (touch toes)
Bubbles, bubbles everywhere (reach arms out)

Rub-a-dub-dub, one child in the tub (hold up 1 finger)
Tell me what you see
One foot with toes (touch foot)
A hand (touch hand)
A nose (touch nose)
As clean as they can be (rub hands together)

Rub-a-dub-dub, one child in the tub
Tell me what you see
Legs (touch legs)
And arms (rub arms)
So clean and warm
Do they have a hug for me? (hug self or child)

Bears in the Bath by Shirley Parenteau


Baby’s Bath
Baby’s ready for his bath
Here’s the baby’s tub (make circle with arms)
Here’s the baby’s washcloth (hold palm out)
See how he can rub (pretend to rub face)
Here’s the baby’s cake of soap (hold palm out)
And here’s the towel dry,
And here’s the baby’s cradle (rock arms back and forth)


This is the Way
This is the way we wash our face,
Wash our face, wash our face
This is the way we wash our face
So early in the morning

(repeat with other body parts)

Dog’s Colorful Day by Emma Dodd

Children love this flannel board! If there is a small group I will give each child a dot to put on dog. When I get to their color I invite them to to put it on dog. 




And of course we had to end with bubbles! I blew bubbles while playing “Splish Splash.” The children loved it (and the adults loved the music)! The only thing I would change it that I would have a bubble gun or machine, I quickly learned that I do not blow bubbles fast enough to satisfy 20 children.


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