Pokemon Craft & Scavenger Hunt

To celebrate the craziness that is Pokemon we decided to have host a drop-in Pokemon program! All I’ve been hearing about for the past few months is Pokemon and Pokemon Go. The books and movies are flying off the shelves! To keep up with the trends we decided to throw a Pokemon program. With the aid of the internet (thanks Pinterest!) we were able to put the program together relatively quickly and pain free.

Pokeball Craft
The idea for this craft was found at Bookmans Entertainment Exchange. If you are looking for detailed instructions please visit their site.



Pokemon Scavenger Hunt
The idea for the scavenger hunt came from Karissa in the Library. For detailed instructions and free printables check out the link.

The scavenger hunt was a blast! We kept the scavenger hunt up much longer than originally planned because it was easy (no staff needed to monitor it) and children loved it. We used the scavenger hunt as an opportunity to get children familiar with parts of the Children’s Room that they may not be familiar with.

Every child that successfully completed the Scavenger Hunt received a Pokemon pin!



Final Thoughts:
Overall I would call this program a success, we did not get as many children as we hoped for but I believe that was due more to weather and the time than the program. Children who did come had a blast. The craft was slightly labor intensive and required adults and staff to help but children loved the final product. The scavenger hunt was extremely easy to set up and run, children (who might not have their own phones to play Pokemon Go) loved hunting around the library for them. The pins made the perfect prize!


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