Diary of a Wimpy Kid Party

To celebrate the new release of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid Double Down” by Jeff Kinney we held a Diary of a Wimpy Kid Party!! We try to hold one monthly drop-in program, this was by far the largest attended. Everyone that came to the party had a blast!

img_0576Manny’s Cereal Toss: Kids get the chance to toss mini cereal boxes into a toilet seat! All you need for this game is a toilet seat (preferably one that is not used), a garbage can and mini cereal boxes. The kids got a kick out of this one! They really enjoyed the oddity that is having a toilet seat in the Children’s Room and it was a fun game.



Make Your Own Comic: Kids (and some parents) had the opportunity to make their own comic. All you need for this is colored pencils and the comic strip (thanks Scholastic!). The kids got really into this, some even made Zoo-Wee-Mama comics!


img_0579Greg Mask: Children were able to transform into Greg with their very own Greg mask! All you need is the mask printed out on cardstock and string or popsicle sticks. We ended up using popsicle sticks because we thought it would hold up better than string.







Egg Hunt Raffle: The big activity was an egg hunt. To make the egg hunt we printed out and laminated different patterned eggs. We hid the eggs around the Children’s Department. Each child received a scavenger hunt list with the picture of the eggs. When children found the egg they crossed off the picture on the list. Once they completed the hunt they were entered into a raffle to win the new book!


Have you held a Diary of a Wimpy Kid party? I’d love to hear what games and activities you had planned!


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