Dr. Seuss Craft

In honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday and Read Across America on March 2nd we are having a special story and Dr. Seuss craft!




  • Paper plates
  • Craft (or Popsicle) sticks
  • Cardstock
  • Black construction paper
  • Black pipe cleaners
    • Or black construction paper
  • Markers

Prep Work:

  • Print out hat and bow
    • We cut ours out before hand because I am expecting a lot of younger children
    • I used a free template found at TeachEzy
  • Cut out cat ears or create a template for children to trace
  • Cut the middle of the paper plates
  • Glue craft sticks to the plates

How to Make:

  1. Color hat and bow
  2. Glue the hat and bow onto the plate
  3. Glue the ears onto the plate
  4. Poke the pipe cleaners into the side of the plate for whiskers
    • Or glue down strips of black construction paper
  5. Take pictures!

This is a really cute and simple craft that helps celebrate all of the wonder and magic that is Dr. Seuss! Children get a kick out of making the mask and even more wearing it. I love to hear the different voices children make when they put a mask on.





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2 responses to “Dr. Seuss Craft

  1. Karen Leslie

    Is there a pattern to print for the hat and tie?


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