Storytime: Crayons



“Harold and the Purple Crayon” by Crockett Johnson
“The Crayon Box that Talked” by Shane DeRolf
“Go to Bed, Monster!” by Natasha Wing

How a Crayon is Made


We started the storytime by talking about our favorite colors and how crayons are made. I didn’t read “What Happens at a Crayon Factory?” verbatim but it is a great book to introduce how crayons are made.

Five Little Crayons
Five little crayons standing in a row (hold up 5 fingers)
The first one said, “I’m red, you know!” (wiggle the fingers as you talk about them)
The second one said, “I’m green like a tree”
The third one said, “I’m blue like the sea”
The fourth one said, “I’m yellow as the sun”
The fifth one said, “Being purple is fun!”
Five little crayons, happy as can be (hold up 5 fingers)
Coloring pictures with you and me (point to person and then self)

Source: Storytime Katie

10 Little Crayons
(Tune: 10 Little Indians)
1 little, 2 little, 3 little crayons (count on fingers)
4 little, 5 little, 6 little crayons
7 little, 8 little, 9 little crayons
10 little crayons to take to school

10 Little Fingers
1 little, 2 little, 3 little fingers (count on fingers)
4 little, 5 little, 6 little fingers
7 little, 8 little, 9 little fingers
10 little fingers on my hands

They wiggle and they wiggle and they wiggle all together (wiggle fingers and hands)
They wiggle and they wiggle and they wiggle all together
They wiggle and they wiggle and they wiggle all together
10 little fingers on my hands

They clap and they clap and they keep on clapping (clap)
They clap and they clap and they keep on clapping
They clap and they clap and they keep on clapping
10 little fingers on my hands

Source: Jbrary

For the next few songs/activities I handed each child a crayon to act out the motions. When handing out items of different colors I always remind children (and parents) that “You get what you get and you don’t get upset.”


Put Your Crayons
Put your crayons up (raise hands)
Put your crayons down (lower hands)
Hold your crayons up and turn around (turn in a circle)
Put your crayons up
Put your crayons down
Put your crayons on the ground (touch floor)

I Have a Crayon
Children brought their crayon to me when I held up the corresponding color.
I have a crayon, I’ll give it to you
Here is my crayon, my crayon of blue.
I have a crayon, a lovely little fellow
Here is my crayon, my crayon of yellow.
I have a crayon, it’s here on my head
Here is my crayon, my crayon of red.
I have a crayon, we can draw a circle
Here is my crayon, my crayon of purple.
I have a crayon, what do I see?
Here is my crayon, an orange one for me.
I have a crayon, the best ever seen
Here is my crayon, my crayon of green.

Harold’s Other Crayons (Flannel Board)
(Tune: Mary Wore a Red Dress)

Harold was working on a picture, he used his purple crayon
Harold used his purple crayon, purple crayon, purple crayon
Harold used his purple crayon all day long

Then Harold decided to use blue!
Harold used his blue crayon, blue crayon, blue crayon
Harold used his blue crayon all day long

(repeat with other colors)

Wow! Look at all of Harold’s Crayons.
Let’s say the colors one more time.
Do you know why Harold used these colors?
Because he was drawing a rainbow!

Source: Story Time Secrets


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Superhero Training Course

Who doesn’t want to become a superhero?? This training course was simple to prep and really fun for the kids. The attendance we receive was over double of what I expected (thank goodness for awesome staff who can cut out masks quickly)! If you have never done a superhero training course I highly recommend you do. Our program was aimed at children 8 and under but can be modified to meet other age groups.

To become a superhero children had to complete the stations in order, I gave each parent a checklist and pencil to keep track. Once children completed all of the stations they received a superhero certificate!

Station checklist:
You can find a printable checklist here: superhero-checklist-read-with-mich
You can find printable station signs here: station-signs-read-with-mich

Station 1: Make a Mask
We made each mask out of cardstock to ensure that it would hold up while the children completed the training course. The template we used came from Clip Art Best.


Station 2: Make Arm Cuffs
First we painted toilet paper rolls, next we cut a line down them and curved the edges to give it a superhero touch! We put out stickers, puff balls and foam stickers for children to decorate the cuffs with.


Station 3: Superhero Name
Every superhero needs a special name! Children used the name generator or came up with their own and put it on a name tag. My favorite name was “Captain America Batman.” I found this Name Generator image online but do not have a source for it.


Station 4: Spider Crawl
For the spider crawl I put out a tunnel in the stacks. While this was a fun activity for the younger crowd I did have a few 10 year olds who were unable to go through it.


Station 5: Knock over the Villains
We used some plastic bottles who had laying around (cans would work as well) and taped pictures of different villains onto them. Children then used bean bags to knock over the bottles This was by far the favorite activity!


Station 6: Leaps & Bounds
Another very simple activity that was a crowd pleaser! We printed out pictures of real buildings, laminated them and then taped them to book ends. There was a lot of creative jumping.


After completing the training course each superhero received a certificate with their superhero name on it! The Burke Family’s Blog is the source of the certificate.


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Book Review: Lost in a Book by Jennifer Donnelly

Beauty and the Beast: Lost in a Book by Jennifer Donnelly



Description: “An original addition to the beloved Beauty and the Beast fairy tale, “Lost in a Book” follows the lonely, bookish Belle as she finds an enchanted book in the Beast’s library called Nevermore that carries her into a glittering new world. There, Belle is befriended by a mysterious countess who offers her the life she’s always dreamed of.

But Nevermore is not what it seems, and the more time Belle spends there, the harder it is to leave. Good stories take hold of us and never let us go, and once Belle becomes lost in this book, she may never find her way out again.”

Review: There might be some burning pitchforks after me after this review but here it goes! There was a lot of hype surrounding this book and I became very excited when I heard about it (I even went to 2 stores to purchase it only to find out that it was sold it!). I was a huge Beauty and the Beast fan growing up and cannot wait for the movie! I must say that I had high expectations for this book, a lot of friends told me it was amazing, and maybe that is why I was so let down.

I found the story to be overplayed (love vs death, enchanted book, etc); to me it came off like a typical girl getting sucked into a fantasy world, blinded by beauty and is too dumb to realize what is happening. Belle is supposed to be a book smart character but does not see or listen to the warnings she is given in Nevermore. I became frustrated that she would fall for Death’s trickery so easily, I felt that she should have seen what was coming. Even until the middle of the book I was still holding out hope that Belle’s wits would persevere (not so much).

The story unfolds quickly, almost too quickly in my opinion. Due to the fast pace it was hard to feel a connection with the characters. I wish the book slowed down and built up more anticipation. Also, the character of Beast was lacking, he is not present for the majority of the story and I felt like he could have had a lot more depth than what was shown. It was hard to figure out why Belle was so drawn to Nevermore when she constantly spoke about her love for the servants and even her blossoming friendship with the Beast. Overall I felt like this story was rushed and not fully developed. I wanted to like it but just couldn’t get into it. This book is a quick read, I was able to binge read it in 2 days.

Even though I was not the biggest fan of “Lost in a Book” I do have several friends that adore it! They enjoyed it because it was not a retelling per se but still keeps the original characters present. Jennifer Donnelly is a great author and I did like how it wasn’t your typically retelling. There will be many Jennifer Donnelly and Beauty in the Beast fans that will find a treasure in this book!

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Dr. Seuss Craft

In honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday and Read Across America on March 2nd we are having a special story and Dr. Seuss craft!




  • Paper plates
  • Craft (or Popsicle) sticks
  • Cardstock
  • Black construction paper
  • Black pipe cleaners
    • Or black construction paper
  • Markers

Prep Work:

  • Print out hat and bow
    • We cut ours out before hand because I am expecting a lot of younger children
    • I used a free template found at TeachEzy
  • Cut out cat ears or create a template for children to trace
  • Cut the middle of the paper plates
  • Glue craft sticks to the plates

How to Make:

  1. Color hat and bow
  2. Glue the hat and bow onto the plate
  3. Glue the ears onto the plate
  4. Poke the pipe cleaners into the side of the plate for whiskers
    • Or glue down strips of black construction paper
  5. Take pictures!

This is a really cute and simple craft that helps celebrate all of the wonder and magic that is Dr. Seuss! Children get a kick out of making the mask and even more wearing it. I love to hear the different voices children make when they put a mask on.




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Storytime: Valentine’s Day

I put my hands together (hold palms together)
This is how I start
I curve my fingers right around (make heart with fingers)
And I can make a heart!

Hearts and Kisses
1 little, 2 little, 3 little hearts (count on fingers)
4 little, 5 little, 6 little hearts
7 little, 8 little, 9 little hearts
10 little hearts and a kiss (blow a kiss)

Skidamarink a dink a dink (hold right elbow in left hand and wave fingers)
Skidamarink a doo (switch hands)
I love you (point to eye, cross hands in front of chest and point)

Skidamarink a dink a dink
Skidamarink a doo
I love you

I love you in the morning (circle hands above head)
And in the afternoon (circle hands in middle)
I love you in the evening (circle hands low)
Underneath the moon (swing arms to one side and make a crescent shape)

Oh skidamarink a dink a dink
Skidamarink a doo
I looooooove you

Little Red Valentine (Tune: Skip to My Lou)

fullsizerender-8Little red valentine, I love you
Little red valentine, I love you
Little red valentine, I love you
Yellow one says, “I do too!”

(repeat with other colors)

Everyone says “We do too!”



And of course I had to give all of my little munchkins Valentines!

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Storytime: Snowmen

I recently lost my voice and am just starting to get it back. I was a little nervous to do story time today but I knew the wonderful parents would help me out! I also used a lot of music today (much more than I typically use) to help save my voice. You can either sing these songs alone or use the music to accompany you.


Snow on the Rooftop by Kathy Reid-Naiman
Snow on the rooftops (make pointed roof shape with arms)
Snow on the trees (hold arms up like branches)
Snow on the green grass (touch ground)
And snow on me! (point to self)

Snow on my mittens (hold up hands)
Snow on my nose (touch nose)
Snow on my head (touch head)
And snow on my toes (touch toes)

Twirling, swirling, whirling down (wave hands)
Down and down and down and down (lower hands down)

Chubby Little Snowman
A chubby little snowman (hold hands out by side)
Had a carrot nose (point to nose)
Along came a bunny (hop)
And what do you suppose? (shrug shoulders)
That hungry little bunny (rub stomach)
Looking for his lunch (hold hands above eyes)
Ate that snowman’s carrot nose (pretend to eat)
Nibble, nibble, crunch

Snowflakes Dance Around by Carole Peterson
To make it more interactive hand out a paper snowflake to each child.

Snowflakes, snowflakes dance around (wave snowflake)
Snowflakes, snowflakes touch the ground (put snowflake on the floor)
Snowflakes landing on my nose (place snowflake on nose)
Snowflakes on my toes (place snowflake on toes)
Snowflakes, snowflakes dance around (wave snowflake)
Snowflakes, snowflakes touch the ground (put snowflake on the floor)

I’m a Little Snowman (Tune: I’m a Little Teapot) by Carole Peterson
I’m a little snowman
Short and fat (hold arms out to the side)
Here are my buttons (point to chest)
Here is my hat (tap head)
When the sun comes out (circle arms above)
I run away (running motion)
But I slowly melt away (crouch down)

Five Little Snowmen


Five little snowmen all in a row (hold up 5 fingers)
Each with a hat (touch head)
And a big red bow (put hands under chin)
Out came the sun and it shone all day (raise hands over head)
And one little snowman melted away (lower hands)
(count down)

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10 Valentine’s Day Picture Books

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and to help you get into the mood I have put together my top 10 Valentine’s Day picture books and board books!


“Valentine Surprise” by Corinne Demas
It’s only a week until Valentine’s Day, and Lily wants to make the perfect heart-shaped valentine for Mommy. But every time she cuts out a heart, it’s either too pointy, too round, or too skinny. As the days go by, Lily tries again and again, and when Valentine’s Day finally arrives, she has a heart for each day of the week! Which one will be the perfect valentine surprise for Mommy?

“Llama Llama I Love You” by Anna  Dewdney
In Llama Llama I Love You, little llama shows his friends and family how much he loves them with heart-shaped cards and lots of hugs. What could be sweeter than Llama Llama on Valentine’s Day

“Love, Ruby Valentine” by Laurie B. Friedman
After Ruby Valentine misses her favorite holiday of the year, her parrot, Lovebird, convinces her that every day is the perfect day to say “I love you.”

“Lilly’s Chocolate Heart” by Kevin Henkes
Lilly loves her chocolate heart. Will she save it? Forever and ever? What do you think?

“The Best Thing About Valentine’s” by Eleanor Hudson
Valentines, valentines, big ones and small–I love making valentines. I love it all! Ribbons, glitter, lace, and paste are all fun things to use when creating special Valentine’s Day cards. Young children will enjoy reading this sweet rhyming story, narrated by a young child who loves to make cards and give them to family, friends, and classmates. But the very best thing of all is getting your very own valentines on Valentine’s Day!

“The Biggest Valentine Ever” by Steven Kroll
When Mrs. Mousely asks her class to make valentines, Clayton and Desmond decide to make one together and give it to their teacher as a surprise. But things don’t go as planned. First Clayton puts too much glitter on the card. Then Desmond puts on too many hearts. Soon the friends are arguing and they rip the card in half. “I’m going to make my own valentine!” they both say and go home in a huff.But then Desmond and Clayton realize that by working together they can make the biggest, best valentine ever!

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!” by Laura Numeroff
This title follows Mouse as he makes valentines for all of his friends. Each valentine is made to represent what he loves most about each of his friends, such as Pig ‘because she’s a good dancer’ and Bunny ‘because she’s the best at hide-and-seek.'” A surprise at the end adds to the read-aloud fun!

“Love, Splat” by Rob Scotton
It’s Valentine’s Day and Splat has a special valentine for a certain someone in his class. Her name is Kitten, and Splat likes her even more than fish sticks and ice cream. But Kitten doesn’t seem to like him at all—she always ties his tail and pokes his belly when she sees him. And then there’s Splat’s rival, Spike, who also likes Kitten. Will Splat’s heartfelt valentine win Kitten’s paw in the end?

“Mouse’s First Valentine” by Lauren Thompson
Early one morning, Mouse follows his sister around the house. She’s making something special. It’s red and lacy and very pretty. Snip! Snip! Snip! What will it be?

“Here Comes Valentine Cat” by Deborah Underwood
Cat does NOT like Valentine’s Day. It’s much too mushy, and no way is he making anyone a valentine—especially not his new neighbor, Dog. Dog refuses to respect the fence. He keeps tossing over old bones and hitting Cat in the head! But just as Cat’s about to send Dog an angry “valentine” telling him exactly what he can do with his bones, Dog throws a ball over the fence. What is Dog playing at?

Leave a note in the comments with your favorite Valentine’s Day book!

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Storytime: Shapes

I found shapes to be a more difficult storytime concept than I originally thought. It’s extremely important for kids to recognize shapes because it is how they differentiate letters. I received a lot of children under the age of 3 for this program and the storytime turned into more of an exercise for the parents on how they can point out and talk about shapes at home with their children. I hope the parents gained some valuable information from this storytime! This theme would have been better offered to preschool or kindergarten children.


Little, Bigger, Biggest
A little circle (make a circle with finger and thumb)
A bigger circle (make a circle with 2 hands)
And a great big circle I see (make circle overhead with arms)
Now help me count them
1, 2, 3 (count on fingers)

Twinkle, Twinkle
Twinkle, twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky
Twinkle, twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are

Yoga Shapes
I would love to introduce more yoga into my storytimes, the kids and parents loved it!

Source: Miss Meg’s Storytime

I Can See Shapes (tune: London Bridge)
This is a great song to give each child a shape and have them bring it to the board. Since I had a younger crowd this week parents had to help them.


I can see a circle shape, a circle shape, a circle shape
I can see a circle shape, how about you?

(repeat with other shapes)


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Storytime: Egg Shakers

I love egg shakers! It’s almost impossible to pick up an egg shaker and not wiggle around with it. You know who else loves egg shakers?? Children! I use egg shakers quite a bit in my story times and it is always a crowd pleaser. The great thing about egg shakers is that they work with children of all ages. Another bonus is that they are easy to clean, which is great for when little ones suck on them (which happens quite a bit). When using egg shakers I typically pass one out to each child and adult, if an adult is with an infant I only give it to the adult. I also leave the bucket of egg shakers out for children, some like to switch the colors or enjoy holding onto 2.


Without any further ado, here are my favorite egg shaker songs and activities:

Can You Shake Along with Me (tune: London Bridge)
Can you shake along with me?
Along with me, along with me
Can you shake along with me?
It’s easy as can be!

Place the shaker on your knee,
On your knee, on your knee
Place the shaker on your knee
It’s easy as can be

(repeat with different body parts and get recommendations from children)

Source: Jbrary

Egg Shakers Up (tune: Tommy Thumbs Up)
Egg shakers up (raise shakers)
Egg shakers down (lower shakers)
Egg shakers dancing all around the town (wave shakers side to side)
Dance them on your shoulders (place shaker on your shoulder)
Dance them on your head (place shaker on your head)
Dance them on your knees (place shaker on your knee)
And, shhhhh tuck them into bed (quielty rest shaker on your palm)

Source: Jbrary

Going to Kentucky
I was going to Kentucky, going to the fair (shake shakers)
To see the senorita with the flowers in her hair
Oh, shake it, shake it, shake it
Shake it if you can
Shake it like a milkshake
And do the best you can
Oh wobble to the bottom (lower shaker)
Wobble to the top (raise shaker)
And turn around, and turn around (turn in a circle)
Until you make it stop (stop shaking)

Source: Childhood

One, Two
One, two shake it on your shoe
Three, four shake it on the floor
Five, six stir and mix
Seven, eight stand up straight
Nine, ten wave to all your friends

Source: Libraryland

Shake Your Shakers (Tune: London Bridge)
Shake your shakers in the air (raise shakers)
Shake it here, shake it there (shake side to side)
Shake your shakers in the air
Shake your shakers

Shake it high and shake it low (raise and lower shakers)
Shake it yes, shake it no (shake up and down, shake side to side)
Shake it high and shake it low
Shake your shakers

Shake it up and shake it down (raise and lower shakers)
Shake your shaker on the ground (shake on the ground)
Shake it up and shake it down
Shake your shakers

Shake it near and shake it far (shake it close to chest, hold it out from you)
Drive your shaker like a car (pretend to turn the wheel of a car)
Shake it near and shake it far
Shake your shakers

Shake it fast and shake it slow (shake fast, then slowly)
Shake it stop, shake it go (stop shaking, start again)
Shake it fast and shake it slow
Shake your shakers

Source: Libraryland

Mama’s Sleeping (tune: Skip to My Lou)
Mama’s sleeping, don’t wake her up (sing/shake quietly)
Mama’s sleeping, don’t wake her up
Mama’s sleeping, don’t wake her up
We must be very quiet

Wake up mama, we want to play (sing/shake loudly)
Wake up mama, we want to play
Wake up mama, we want to play
Let’s be very noisy!

(repeat with other family members)

Source: Getting Giggles

I Can Shake My Shaker Egg
By Mr. Eric & Mr. Michael


I Know a Chicken
By Laurie Berkner


Shaky Shaky
By the Wiggles



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Storytime: Penguins

The favorite book we read was “I Like It When…” by Mary Murphy parents got a kick out of the interactive element and it engaged the children when they started to get the wiggles!

Two Little Penguins
Two little penguins sitting on the ice (hold up thumbs)
One bows once, the other bows twice (make thumbs up and down)
Waddle little penguins, waddle away (wiggle thumbs and put behind your back)
Come back penguins, time to play! (bring thumbs back out)

Penguin – Sign Language

I taught the children (and parents) the sign for “penguin.” This is a really fun sign to do and the kids loved it!

Source: My Smart Hands

Penguin, Penguin
We signed penguin every time we said it!

Penguin, penguin, flap your little wings (flap arms)
Penguin, penguin, flap your little wings
You eat fish and swim all day (swimming motion)
You can’t fly but that’s ok (shake finger)
Penguin, penguin, flap your wings

Five Little Penguins


Five little penguins went out to play
On a snowy winter day
The ice was cold and the clouds were gray
So one little penguin waddled away

(count down)

No little penguins went out to play
On a snowy winter day
The sun came out and the clouds blew away
So five little penguins came back to play!

Did You Ever See a Penguin?
Did you ever see a penguin, a penguin, a penguin (lean side to side)
Did you ever see a penguin waddle this way and that
Waddle this way and that way, that way and this way
Did you ever see a penguin waddle this way and that

Source: Storytime Katie

Penguins on a Stick 


For the next two songs each child received a penguin to do the actions with!

Put your penguins up,
Put your penguins down
Hold your penguins and turn around
Put your penguins up,
Put your penguins down
Put your penguins on the ground

Penguins Everywhere
The penguins are here, the penguins are there
The penguins, the penguins are everywhere
The penguins are up, the penguins are down
The penguins, the penguins are all around
The penguins are in, the penguins are out
The penguins, the penguins are all about
The penguins go low, the penguins go high
The penguins, the penguins all wave goodbye!

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