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Storytime: Construction


“Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site” by Sherri Duskey Rinker
“Construction Kitties” by Judy Sue Goodwin Sturges
“One Big Building” by Michael Dahl

Five Little Nails
(you can just say this rhyme or sing it to the tune of “This Old Man”)

Five little nails, standing straight and steady (hold up 5 fingers)
Here I come with my hammer ready (make fist with other hand)
With a bam, bam, bam (tap fist to a finger)
That nail goes down (lower finger)
Now there’s just four little nails to pound

(count down)

Johnny Works with One Hammer
Johnny works with one hammer, one hammer, one hammer (tap fist on thigh or floor)
Johnny works with one hammer
Now he works with two (hold up both fists)
Johnny works with two hammers, two hammers, two hammers (tap both fists)
Johnny works with two hammers
Now he works with three (hold up both fists and kick out leg)
Johnny works with three hammers, three hammers, three hammers (tap fists and foot)
Johnny works with three hammers
Now he works with four (hold up both fists and kick out both legs)
Johnny works with four hammers, four hammers, four hammers (tap fists and feet)
Johnny works with four hammers
Now he works with five (hold up both fists, kick out both legs and nod head)
Johnny works with five hammers, five hammers, five hammers (tap fists, feet and nod head)
Johnny works with five hammers
And now he takes a rest!

Old MacDonald Has Some tools


Old MacDonald has some tools, e-i-e-i-o
And with those tools he has a hammer, e-i-e-i-o
With a bang, bang here and a bang, bang there
Here a bang, there a bang, everywhere a bang, bang
Old MacDonald has some tools, e-i-e-i-o

(repeat with)
Saw – see saw
Wrench – turn turn
Screwdriver – twist twist
Pliers – pinch pinch
Drill – zzz zzz


For this craft children colored pre-cut out construction vehicles and glued them to a piece of construction paper. Next they put glue where they wanted their dirt/sand to go. Then we put their paper into a tin, poured a cup of dirt/sand over it and shook out the extra. Some of the children went back and forth adding glue and more dirt/sand because they enjoyed it so much!

How It Went:

I have done a construction theme in the past and wasn’t the biggest fan of it. This time the storytime was a hit! Their favorite song was definitely “Johnny Works with One Hammer,” even the parents got into it and the favorite book was “Construction Kitties.” I thought the families would enjoy the Old MacDonald song but that didn’t go over well (maybe because it was the last song I sang and they were starting to get antsy), I ended up cutting the song short. This was also the favorite craft we have done so far, it’s very simple to set up and the kids loved! I even had parents tell me that they plan on recreating it at home.


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Daddy & Me: Oct. 2015

When I started my new position the director of the library was very adamant about me starting a once a month Daddy & Me program on my Saturday. I was apprehensive at first because I was afraid the word “Daddy” would keep people away, families are a wide mix and I wanted to be as inclusive as possible. When advertising for the program I did stress that any one was welcome and that the program was a special bonding time. I even had a mother call me concerned because she couldn’t attend any story times during the week and her son’s father recently passed away, I told her please come. I ended up receiving some solo fathers, grandfathers, moms and dad; I even had two mothers wait in the other room so the dads could have special time with their child.

My Hands Wave Hello (Tune: Farmer in the Dell)
My hands wave hello
My hands wave hello
Every time I see my friends
My hands wave hello
(repeat with: feet, elbows, tongue)

Book – I Went Walking by Sue Williams
The State Library Services lets librarians check out these great book props for a month, I was so excited by how large it was! The kids really liked seeing the animals (but the cat was a little difficult for them to guess).


Old MacDonald
I would take an animal off the flannel board and that was the one we sung about. It was a great way to get the animals off the board and put them away without all the kids running up to the board and grabbing them.

Old MacDonald had a farm
And on that farm he had a cow
With a moo, moo here
And a moo, moo there
Here a moo, there a moo
Everywhere a moo moo
Old MacDonald had a farm
(repeat with different animals)



This is the Way
This is the way we wash our face, wash our face, wash our face
This is the way we wash our face so early in the morning
(repeat with other body parts)

One Bright Scarf
One bright scarf waiting for the wind to blow
Wiggle it high
Wiggle it low
Shake it fast
Shake it slow
(hide scarf behind back)
Where did it go?

Popcorn Kernels (Tune: Frere Jacques)
Popcorn kernels, popcorn kernels (wave scarves)
In the pot, in the pot (bunch scarves in fist)
Shake them, shake them, shake them (shake hands)
Shake them, shake them, shake them
Til they POP (throw scarves into the air)
Til they pop

Shake Our Sillies Out by Raffi

I Love Daddy (Tune: Frere Jacques)
I told the adults that they could replace the word “Daddy” with whatever they saw fit.
I love daddy, I love daddy
Yes I do, yes I do
We have fun together, we have fun together
Just us two, just us two

They Read
I put out a bunch of books on fall and Halloween and had the adult and child read a book together while I went to get the toys.

Free Play


For free play I brought out some random toys, the cardboard bricks and Legos were the biggest crowd pleaser.

Summary: It was a tough crowd/tough room. Since it is a Saturday and we don’t have a lot of coverage I had to have the program in the Children’s Department instead of in the Community Room. There are 4 awe stations, books, stuffed animals, a doll house, and other toys in that room; it is very hard to compete with all those fun things!! I had a mix of children who paid attention and children who played with toys. All in all I think it went well. At the end I brought out “special toys” ¬†aka the toys we don’t like to leave out all the time (legos, cardboard building bricks, etc) and those were a huge hit. The program ended up going a lot better than I thought it would, I hope they all come back next month!

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