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Storytime: Picnic


“It’s the Bear!” by Jez Alborough
“We’re Going on a Picnic!” by Pat Hutchins

Bananas Unite
Bananas unite! (clap hands over head)
Peel bananas, peel peel bananas (move hands down body)
Peel bananas, peel peel bananas
Chop bananas, chop chop bananas (make chopping motion with hands)
Chop bananas, chop chop bananas
Mash bananas, mash mash bananas (squish hands together)
Mash bananas, mash mash banans
Eat bananas, eat eat bananas (eating motion)
Eat bananas, eat eat bananas
Gooooo bananas!! (raise arms in the air)

Source: Jbrary

Going on a Picnic
I recently bought this toddler safe food basket from Lakeshore Learning and used the food from it. I gave each child 1 piece and they put it into our picnic basket when I mentioned their item.


Going on a picnic, gonna pack a lunch
Going on a picnic, I wonder what we’ll munch??

Popsicle (Folder Story)
To make a folder story all you have to do is print out the image and put it on a file folder. Then you cut out the hole for the tongue. Next you find paper in the corresponding colors and put them in order in the folder. As you tell the story you pull out the paper and let the next one show through.

In the Summer when it’s really hot,
I want something that will hit the spot
Well it’s not a pickle & I’m not very fickle
All I want is an ice cold popsicle!

I’m eating a strawberry popsicle,
I’m eating a strawberrry popsicle
Slurp, slurp, slurp
Yum, yum, yum

Now stick out your tongue
Egh, egh, egh
What color is your tongue when you’re done?

(repeat with: grape, lime, orange, lemon, blueberry, rainbow)

Source: Storytiming

Craft: Puffy Paint Popsicle
For this craft I walked parents and children through making their own puffy paint. We mixed glue and shaving cream together, then added a few colors of food coloring. Next children put the puffy paint all over their cardstock popsicle and we put sprinkles on them. The parents loved learning how to make puffy paint and many said they plan on doing it at home.



And of course we ended this story time by having some popsicles!

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